Tinted windows are stylish

Driving around with Sun control film installed by Car window tinting Perth whilst being stylish, and enhancing your egotistic lifestyle would also protect you from the harsh elements of the Sun. Reducing more than 93% of harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays of the Sun, which is a major cause of skin cancer Sun control film is a necessity and not a luxury.

Car window tinting Perth offers this very important accessory for your car at a very affordable price and which is covered by a very comprehensive warranty package. There is a drastic reduction in heat and glare penetration into your car when you install Sun control film from the leader in the business Car window tinting Perth, which is more than 80%.

In your home too you would need adequate protection for you and your loved ones. Children are vulnerable to harmful UV rays, as their skins are sensitive. Protecting them is your primary prerogative, and Home window tinting Perth is at your service to bring only clean and healthy solar light and heat into your home.

Constant heat and glare enveloping the entirety of your home, is not a very conducive environmental experience, as this would place your air-conditioning and heating systems, working on an overload regularly.Home window tinting Perth with our advanced Sun control film could cut down and reduce heat and glare by 80% making the interior of your home very comfortable.

With Sun control film reducing heat and glare, your air-conditioning and heating systems would perform efficiently and at optimum levels. This in turn would reduce your energy bills substantially.

It is no secret that when the working environment is conducive, efficiency and productivity increases, so it is imperative that the right ambience is created to enhance better business practices. Office window tinting Perth has provided very constructive advice to it’s many clients and installed Sun control of the highest acceptance levels.

Tinting of your windows in office would add a modern aesthetic value which would be the envy of your customers and competitors. Office window tinting Perth using the right tools and tinting Sun control film of the highest standards, backed by a comprehensive warranty package.

The hefty energy bills that you would have been paying regularly would see a marked reduction once we have completed our works. With safety also a key factor, there are many incentives for you to go for window tinting, immediately in your home, office and car.   

Mandatory electrical safety regulations


The use of electricity is governed by many statutory regulations. These regulations are the end products of legislations passed from time to time. It is imperative to understand that these regulations have been introduced by the governing authorities to make the consumption of electricity as safe possible to all of us.

The electrical risk assessment and Test and Tag are such regulations. If you are using electricity from the National Grid, like we all do, it is mandatory that we abide by all the regulations that are introduced.

Your premises being a receiving point for electricity, you are required by law to have an electrical risk assessment and Test and Tag certification updated regularly as required. The electrical risk assessment and Test and Tag will indicate the level of risk factor your premises shows.

If the electrical risk assessment and Test and Tag is in the red at your premises you should take immediate steps to rectify same.

All electrical machinery and equipment at your premises must hold electrical tagging certification. The electrical testing and tagging is also a mandatory requirement. If you are industry and you do not possess an electrical test and tag certification, the authorities can shut you down, citing safety measures. The electrical test and tag certification must be valid at the time of inspection.

Many companies do dabble in Testing and tagging operations, but it is your responsibility to see if they are authorized to issue certification. Testing and tagging is a very professional exercise and has to be completed by qualified personnel.

If the Testing and tagging is not from an accredited company you could face unnecessary inconveniences. You should get your Testing and tagging certification from a reputed company and avoid problems.

Our reputation to test and tag is par excellence and we offer the best and most courteous service in the community. We have more years of experience than anyone in the test and tag industry. The next time you want to get a test and tag of your electrical equipment and appliances we are the people you should call. Our qualified and experienced personnel in test and tag will offer you the best and most reliable service.

Another important aspect is emergency lights testing, where a regular check is conducted on such lights. The need for emergency lights testing is paramount if it is a closed dark area. There should not be a breakdown hence the need for emergency lights testing. The priority for emergency lights testing is because of regulations.

You should also conduct exit light testing on a regular basis. The certification of exit light testing is also mandatory. The requirement for exit light testing is to give those inside easy access to exit the building in and emergency.

Providing easy access to exits for those inside is a very compulsory requirement. We have years of experience in exit light testing and are the leaders in this industry.

We look forward to your call, so that we can help you run your business smoothly.


A Commercial building insurance

Insurance in some form or other is a statutory requirement if you are to engage in any business activity. From trading to construction, from providing services to supporting in marketing and advertising the necessity of insurance in every business activity is important.

There is no prior warning as to what unforeseen calamities or disasters a business entity would be called upon to endure, at any given time. Hence it is advisable to protect the company against financial loss and importantly from litigation. Insurance if appropriately and carefully designed to plug every loophole in your business activities would be your protection at unexpected times.

Jim’s Insurance with a reputation built on trust, honesty, integrity and reliability would design the precise insurance policy to suit your type of business. Though there are standard types of insurance that we carry in our portfolio, for example, for those in the construction industry the likes of Construction insurance and Building construction insurance we could cut and polish these policies to suit each entity as they need.

For companies in the trading and other sectors of the economy our Commercial insurance and Business insurance would be ideal but they too would have to be fine-tuned to specific requirements as needed. The advantages in obtaining any form of insurance cover, is the ability of insurance underwriters to tailor make policies to suit specific requirements.

For instance buildings that are given out on rent or lease for commercial activities could be classified as commercial buildings. These buildings would defer from those which are primarily residential and would be identified as residential buildings and the insurance requirements may be different, to each other.

Buildings that are both commercial and residential would have differently designed insurance covers and could be proportionately dearer in premium. This is due to the fact that the public would be occupying the building right throughout, 24 x 7.

A Commercial building insurance cover for the former would suffice but for the latter a more comprehensive insurance cover would have to be tailor made. This is because the presence of the public and they have to be covered by insurance.

Similar to a business being covered by business liability insurance the public should be covered with Public liability insurance, which is a statutory requirement.       


New fencing contractors

If you are living in urban or suburban areas of the major cities in Australia, you and your neighbor are liable statutorily to build fences demarcating your home plots. If you both are unable to see eye to eye for any reason whatsoever, the local council would intervene and ensure that appropriate fencing as legally required is put on the ground. The cost of which will be borne by you and your neighbor.

Without recourse to the statutory authorities, it would be neighbourly harmonious to cooperate with each other and install attractive and elegant fencing to enhance the aesthetic ambience of each other’s home plots.

The choices are plenty if you both decide so, and the costs when shared could get you both some great looking fences. With fourteen colours to select from, colorbond fencing would make attractive boundary fencing. They are versatile in the sense that they would not decay and catch rust and are easy to install as they are prefabricated and easy to work with.

There are many fencing contractors who advertise their prowess but finding the best, reliable and honest one is a challenge today. The work undertaken should carry a statutory guarantee, but if you happen to choose otherwise you could be saddled with trouble.

You could also opt for the traditional timber fencing which would give out a more naturalistic ambience and would look great with homes with Victorian architecture. We have been using timber fencing for centuries because it was a material easily available unlike today.

There were no restrictions back then about cutting down trees to have your fencing erected. In the modern world with the issues of global warming and other related natural disasters the felling of trees are closely regulated.

To avoid the use of timber fencing but keeping a close likeness to it, there are many other man made materials that could be used, especially if you need to erect screen fencing to keep prying eyes from areas that you would like to give privacy to.

After many unfortunate incidents where deaths have occurred due to unprotected swimming pools, it is mandatory to install appropriate pool fencing at your premises. Installing glass pool fencing would serve best as adults could always keep an eye at the pool when kids are around.